Bio & Current Work

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Michael Hamm, LMP CCST

I teach anatomy, technique, and research literacy in Seattle and around the US, and I maintain a full time bodywork practice focused on orthopedic injury and trauma recovery.   I also work extensively with the Massage Therapy Foundation to help with research literacy, education, and community service in the bodywork field.

In both teaching and practicing bodywork, I’m always trying to hone my game.  I teach free enrichment seminars, self-care classes at Seattle’s Parkour Visions, and research workshops for AMTA, ABMP, and MTF.  I write occasional articles for academic and

Chilling with fellow bodyworkers at Seattle's Oddfellows Cafe

trade journals (JBMT, IJTMB, Massage & Bodywork, Massage Therapy Journal), and I attend as many meetings and conferences as budget will allow.  I think that we’re witnessing a powerful moment in the history of integrative medicine, and I’m trying to help bodyworkers take part in the conversation.

I see patients at a cool integrative clinic — Seattle Healing Arts — and in private practice at the Halcyon Studio.  I love Seattle and its quirky, kind, curious denizens.  I enjoy running around, climbing things, and hanging out in hipster coffee shops.  When not pondering the human body, I enjoy making music with my band Lady Drama.

Current Work

I’m working on a 3-D map of the neurofascia.  More specifically, I’m trying to identify the spatial relationships between major nerves and deep fascial planes.   This is being done by labeling the nerves and fascial planes within 2-D sections of the Visible Human Model, and then stacking those sections into 3-D object files (.obj).  They are viewable in many 3-D rendering programs, including the open-source Meshlab.

The idea is to generate a new kind of digital anatomy — one that highlights neurofascial relationships in an interactive and spatially intuitive way.  This emerged during my workshops in Neurofascial Release, where I spend a lot time trying to convey anatomical relationships that are not typically illustrated in textbooks.  This is important for visualizing how to engage neurofascial planes with your hands, and for understanding pathological movement patterns in the neurofascia.  Given sufficient detail, it could also be used to model the transmission of force through neurofascial structures.

I’ll be presenting the first installation of this map — highlighting the brachial plexus, lumbar plexus, and tibial nerve — at the the Third International Fascia Research Congress in March 2012.  Besides the model itself, I’m trying to hone my system of schematizing the different neurofascial relationships.  Without some careful abstraction, this model will not be useful to the average practitioner, and that’s the whole point.   Check back here for updates and visuals on this exciting project!



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