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Spring (End-of-Winter?) Classes

Posted by Mike on January 31st, 2017 at 8:24 pm

We scarcely admit it to ourselves, but we see impudent tree buds everywhere, portending some warmer future time.

So it goes for Neurofascia classes here in Seattle.  So for all you tea-sipping window sitters, here are some metaphorical fresh stems for you to ponder through your window:

https-cdn.evbuc.comimages26268176576428239031originalFeb 25th — Touching a Nerve: Fundamentals of Palpation & Treatment

How to find, assess, and treat sensitized peripheral nerves (8 CE hrs).


Mar 4th — The Neurofascial Foothttps-cdn.evbuc.comimages26268188576428239031original

How to work with the nerves and neural behavior of the foot (6 CE hrs).


https-cdn.evbuc.comimages26268146576428239031originalApr 1st — Neurofascial Approach to Headaches

Headache pain is a sensitization of the trigeminal system.  Treat it that way (8 CE hrs) (1/2 Intraoral).


Ahttps-cdn.evbuc.comimages27874459576428239031originalpr 8th — Embodied Anatomy: Perceptual Methods for Mnl & Mvt Therapists

Get a wider set of lenses for our physical architecture, and some new ways of exploring the body through palpation and movement (6 CE hrs).


April 15th — Neurofascial Approach to Jaw Pain 

Learn to treat the mandibular nerve and its related tissues — including pterygoid muscles, the cranial base, and the TMJ capsule (8 CE hrs)(1/2 Intraoral).