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Posted by Mike at 8:35 pm

I’m still working on the ‘musical’ part.  But I am excited for next Friday’s brand-new class.  All licensed health care practitioners are welcome to attend. Touch a living person’s scapula, and you will find it quite different than any dissected image.  Move a living scapula, and you will find its motions not very well described by […]

Posted by Mike at 12:49 pm

I’m on a NEW SEMINAR kick. Spring cleaning of the brain. Like this one on Saturday 3/28: The Pelvis is indeed special. Our treatment of it is accordingly specialized. But if a person in your care has pain, inflammation, or movement dysfunction in the pelvis, your work will suffer if you start with a specialized […]

Posted by Mike at 10:35 pm

  Experts in medicine and manual therapy seem immediately struck by key details that are impossibly buried to novices.  Beginners are likely to be more searching, overwhelmed by detail, and less sure of a single path.  But two experts, co-examining a patient?  They often tell completely divergent stories about what they’re seeing.   This event […]