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Posted by Mike at 6:53 pm

These are heady times for anatomy nerds. The onset of 3D visualizations of anatomy, and the presence of imaging techniques that don’t require dissection, has allowed us to ask new questions about the way human tissues develop and maintain their architecture. Next month I (and hopefully some friends) are heading out to the Fourth International […]

Posted by Mike at 11:01 pm

I have a confidence problem. Not so much around myself as a teacher, but in the nature of the knowledge I am delivering.  I don’t trust it.  Teachers and writers are emperors born naked.  The knowledge I offer is not a solid thing: just a way of perceiving. Every workshop attendee deserves the most succinct and useful class […]

Posted by Mike at 8:35 pm

I’m still working on the ‘musical’ part.  But I am excited for next Friday’s brand-new class.  All licensed health care practitioners are welcome to attend. Touch a living person’s scapula, and you will find it quite different than any dissected image.  Move a living scapula, and you will find its motions not very well described by […]