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Posted by Mike at 10:35 pm

  Experts in medicine and manual therapy seem immediately struck by key details that are impossibly buried to novices.  Beginners are likely to be more searching, overwhelmed by detail, and less sure of a single path.  But two experts, co-examining a patient?  They often tell completely divergent stories about what they’re seeing.   This event […]

Posted by Mike at 10:42 pm

  Some cells in your body are glucose-guzzling speed freaks — neurons, muscle fibers, hepatocytes — each of them humming or jolting or twitching in a frenzy.  Other cells — osteocytes, adipocytes —  prefer a more stately existence, burying themselves in rock walls or wire cages.  But which cell is the chillest, most limber, most […]

Note: This is a two-part ‘how-to’ article.  Part 1 focuses on anatomy and mechanics; Part 2 gives some methods of application. Imagine placing your hands on the above head, and engaging the outer tissues in such a way as to transmit force to the membrane shown in yellow.  Imagine that doing so with skill and […]