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Note: This is a two-part ‘how-to’ article.  Part 1 focuses on anatomy and mechanics; Part 2 gives some methods of application. Imagine placing your hands on the above head, and engaging the outer tissues in such a way as to transmit force to the membrane shown in yellow.  Imagine that doing so with skill and […]


NOTE:  This post focuses on the location, palpation, and mechanical environment of nerves and their fasciae.  The physiology of nerve entrapment and specific diagnostic/assessment criteria are not covered here.   “I always get pain right here“, says your patient, pointing vaguely to their shoulder blade.  They say it with diagnostic emphasis, but you don’t share […]

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  You need to be willing to lose the simple.   You need to tangle with some underbrush for any chance of getting somewhere different.  Your private “A-Ha!” must yield to the collective “Huh?” as your initial questions get bludgeoned into relevance.  Examples: •  I studied anatomy because I wanted to know exactly what was beneath […]